The SluggyMUX FAQ

Q: I tried to connect, and instead of getting a nice connect screen, I just got a boring prompt that says "login:"
A: You forgot to type in 2025 for the port number. If you don't do that, you might end up at the generic Telnet port, port 23. There's no MUX there.

Q: I can't see what I'm typing!
A: You're using a Telnet program, and somewhere in its options you need to turn on "Local Echo". However, this is delaying the inevitable fact that you will need to get a MU* client. See below.

Q: Whenever anything happens, it interrupts what I'm typing.
A: This is a problem with Telnet programs in general. "Local Echo" lets you see what you're typing, but it mixes it in with the rest of the output you're getting, making things very confusing if there's a lot going on. MU* clients give you a separate box to type stuff in, as well as many other features. See here for a description of the ones that I've used.

Q: I'm on the MUX, now what do I do?
A: You didn't read my Guide to MUX, did you.

Q: How do I see who's online?
A: Type '+who'. Also, if you want to be notified when players connect or disconnect, use the +snooper command - typing '+snooper' will tell you how.

Q: How do I change my name?
A: Type '@name me=(new name)'.

Q: Help! I named myself something with a space in it, and now I can't connect!
A: There are two situations here. If you changed your name with the @name command, then just put your new name in quotes. If you created your character with a space in its name, and you didn't put it in quotes, then everything but the first word became part of your password. Connect the same way that you created, but change your name, and type @password (old)=(new) to change your password.

Q: Who runs this place?
A: Squeeky-Bobo. At least, he's the one who actually does stuff. The people who run the MUX are called Wizards. If you've got support for ANSI color, they show up in green on the +who list. hellspawn, Kenzie, and Warped are also wizards, but more for historical reasons than anything else.

Still got questions? E-mail Squeeky-Bobo.

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Last updated Tuesday, March 6 by Squeeky-Bobo