2.1. Stuff to do first
MUX is made of players, rooms, exits, and things.

These are some commands you should type after you connect to the MUX for the first time. Some are to make your player more secure, and others are to give information about your character.

First of all, you will want to "lock" yourself so that people can't just pick you up. Type @lock me=me to do this.
Why is it me=me? The first 'me' means that you are locking yourself. The second 'me' means that only you can pick you up, and since that's not possible anyway, this command makes sure you stay on the ground. :)

If you want people to be able to give you stuff, type @set me=enter_ok, because whatever someone gives you has to 'enter' your inventory. However, since you don't want players to jump into your inventory and mess with your stuff, you should also type @lock/enter me=me.

Now you have a nice and secure player, but you don't look like anything. Type @desc me=(description), where (description) is what people will see when they 'look' at you.

Something important's still missing... set your sex by typing @sex me=(sex), where (sex) is anything, but preferably something that begins with M or F. This shows up on the left of the +who list and also affects many pronouns in the game.

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