2.2. Communicating and getting around the MUX
MUX is made of players, rooms, exits, and things.

You are a player.

Rooms are the things that basically make up the MUX world. A "room" doesn't have to be indoors - it could just as well be a portion of a street, or a certain area of the park, or whatever. Wherever it is, it's still called a room.

Exits connect rooms together. You can use an exit by typing a certain letter or abbreviation, which is usually marked by brackets or something. For example, the first exit in SluggyMUX is called 'Enter the iftyness', which you would type N to use. Some exits don't have the brackets, in which case it should be obvious what to type. (The exit South would probably have the abbreviation S.)

You can talk to players in the same room by typing quotes (") followed by what you want to say. You shouldn't type the end quotes. You can also do actions by typing a colon followed by the present form of the action. For example, if Super Goth wanted to thwart me, and she was in the same room, she would type:

:thwarts Squeeky-Bobo.

This is called "posing", but it is not intended to imply that anyone is a poser.

To talk to everyone online, use the Public channel by typing = before what you want to say. (You can see who's online by typing +who.) You can also pose on the Public channel by using =:

Note that many other MUXes use pub instead of = as the command to talk on the public channel. That's okay, because pub works on SluggyMUX as well.

The look or l command is very useful - you can look at an object and usually see what it's for, look at a player to see their description, or simply type look alone to look at the room and see what's in it.

As you wander around the MUX, you may see things you want to enter, or things you want to pick up - to enter an object, simply use enter (object), and type leave to leave it. To pick up an object, type get (object) or take (object), and type drop (object) to drop it.

If you find yourself getting stuck somewhere, you can go back to your home - or The Void if you don't have one - by typing 'home'. This command always works. Anyone who claims that they have you trapped in their dungeon is just plain wrong.

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