2.3. @teleporting, DB numbers, and flags
You may notice that some rooms have something next to their names like (#296RJ). This is the room's DB# and flags. A DB# (database number) is a unique number assigned to an object. Everything on the MUX has one, though you may not be able to see them all. You can use the object's number instead of its name in many MUX commands. But for now, what you will mainly use these numbers for is teleporting. By typing @tel #(number) you can instantly get to a certain room, but only if the room is JUMP_OK. For example, to teleport to that room (which is, by the way, Riff's Lab on SluggyMUX) you would type @tel #296.

So what's JUMP_OK mean? It's a flag, or a certain property of an object. The JUMP_OK flag means that anyone (unless they're specifically locked out) can @teleport into that room. And going back to the funky thing next to some room names, it shows up as a J.

To summarize this part: (#296RJ) means that the DB# is #296, it is a Room, and it is JUMP_OK. To see what other letters mean, type help flag list.

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